Sunday, September 2, 2012

a flare up in the works?

I am trying to decide what is going on with my body...  I hurt all over more then anywhere else but that isn't new.  I can't think clearly...also not new.  I have extremely blurred vision, a headache, I have a phantom neural sensations like skin crawling, itching etc.  I don't have a rash, haven't  changed meds so it isn't a allergic reaction.  To make sure I took some Zyrtec and when that didn't work some Benedryl. 

I went to bed at midnight last night and slept till 11am but I am tired, bone weary tired.  I do good sitting at the computer or on the sofa watching TV.   My legs ache and spasm and my feet cramping up at night is driving me nuts and waking me up!   I have so much I need to get done but...  I can't prod myself into doing anything.  I am either hot or cold.  As I am sitting here typing I feel like I am outside in the sun!  Such a sweaty and icky feeling!  I am not running a fever! 

Any idea what this could be?  I know sounds like Fibro or CFS...probably is but I haven't over done anything, I am taking my medications like I am suppose to but it isn't working...  If i don't show a difference by Tuesday I am definitely calling the doctor.  Something isn't right in my world!