Monday, September 7, 2020

all about time

  It has been almost a year since I last posted on this blog...why?  A lot of reasons...

  • I was in a psychologically good place going to therapy and getting a hold of the ghosts of my past!  I guess like others I believed my pain issues were due to somatic or psychological issues more then physiological issues my lab work was showing.
  • I was feeling better...that was partially cause my daughter had moved back to Norman and I had a partner in crime so to speak.  I felt so good I ended up taking 3 cruises in a 12 month time period...pre covid.
  • I started with a Pain Management group that like me believed that not everything should be treated with drugs.  I found out that ablations are my friend and we just knocked out nerves...but they are growing back and I am going to have to go back and get them redone eventually!
  • I got tired of talking about it after a few well meaning trolls sent me emails...wanting me to buy this or that snake oil to ease my issues and make me feel better.
  • then the troll people that made comments about how fibromyalgia and my pain issues are bullshit...their words not mine.  Not to go political but I really believe it is some of the same red folks that think face masks don't help prevent Covid-19 or condoms don't prevent STD's.
The list goes on but that will cover it for now.  People can be such cretins when it comes to anything other than themselves.  I really feel like I am tired of the response I have been getting from friends and family who blow me off with "tell me something I don't already know" or "that doesn't seem any different" when I try and explain the pain of the day after they asked how I am doing!  

Why am I posting today...well a lot of reasons...

  1. I am not feeling so fever, no cough, no COVID-19 symptoms but I just feel like warmed over crap...similar to 11 years ago when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after the other tests failed to show anything wrong! Since then I have learned enough about and added enough autoimmune disorders to my portfolio I recognize that it is part and partial but...I hurt everyday...most days I lie about it.  No one want to know!
  2. I am having mobility issues and getting up and down off the sofa can be a real problem.  
  3.  I read an article that brought it home that I am not the only one that has these issues and I benefited from the articles I have been reading and I should share them.  
Have you heard of an online support group called The Mighty?  The Mighty has all sorts of support groups and I occasionally read others but started reading in the pain management and chronic diseases forums.  Today I read an article called What the Pain of Fibromyalgia Feels Like. 18 Types of Pain I Experience with Fibromyalgia by Jo Moss.  Go read it...I have experienced all 18 but I think there are actually a lot more that aren't on the list.  

Okay I blogged and plan on continuing in the up coming months.  I hope that passing on this information you get something out of it.  I wish I could find us all a cure but that isn't going to happen but maybe we can make the journey easier.  Let you know tomorrow what the doctor said.  

What brings me relief...both mentally and physically!  I am going to be sad to see summer go!

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