Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pediatric CFS/ME

Just read an article about Pediatric CFS/ME! I am really having a hard time with the concept that a child can come down with this crap. I know what I am dealing with but to think of a small person having it makes my heart cry. How do you tell them they will never be able to run, play, and be a normal child ever again?

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Linda w said...

My daughter was 10 when diagnosed with M.E. and bedridden by age 11. When I married again when she was 15 she was able to walk down the aisle as one of my bridesmaids. She is 34 now and has been bedridden again the past three years. She never did have a childhood and still dreams of the day she'll be able to learn to ride a bike and climb trees...things she didn't get to do enough of as a child. The very many children with m.e do not have a childhood, many like my daughter never have a normal life of meeting a soulmate, marrying and having children. Although she has missed so much, she is very strong inside and, though still unable to sit up or do much for herself, she takes great pleasure in the small things, a pretty sky, birdsong etc. I hope things are a little easier for you these days, I know it's often a great struggle for you. Hugs lin