Friday, August 24, 2012

WOW! Time flies....

I know I promised to post more frequently but I have been busy and the summer seems to have just slipped by on greased treads!   I first want to say I am doing well and there hasn't been much change in my physical overall well being and I am keeping on keeping on!  Make sense?  Nah...

I went storm chasing this year with Chuck and was really concerned about how I was going to handle it but turns out that it all went well.  I didn't push myself too much and I spoke up when I had an issue.  If you would like to read about the trip I posted daily on my Okienurse Paper and Ink Therapy blog.  To read the first post go here then you can read more if you wish.  I attempted some short 'hiking' around some of the trails to see the sights in Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Tetons National Park and managed to walk a mile or two with no untoward effects and enjoyed doing it.  Just took it slow and easy and did my thing.  I ended up having to take more pain medication at night and during the longer car rides but it was a small price to pay for all the fun days that we had.

This is a picture of me at the lower falls in Yellowstone Park.  I really loved it there and we spent 2 days just wondering around seeing the sights and still didn't get to see everything.  I think if you spent a week there it still wouldn't be long enough!

I have been listening a lot to webinars and various self help programs recently.  I think that has been helping me a lot in managing my physical and psychological issues.  I went to the doctor last month due to some gastrointestinal issues like nausea, didn't want to eat and diarrhea!  I had a upper and lower scope done and was told by the doctor that everything looks good there except for a polyp and he gave me some medication for the stomach problems that seems to be helping.  I wonder why it is those of us blessed with fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, and associated disorders have all these problems that never are seen on any tests that are done...makes me wonder why we are so special! 

Well thats it for today and I promise to try and keep up better over the coming months.  I know with the coming of fall and winter we will all be inside more trying to keep the mobility and pain issues under control.  This summer has been nice but I have just about as much problems handling the heat now as I do the cold. 

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