Sunday, January 13, 2013


Do you love bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches?  I do!!!  I read an article not long ago that the sandwich made at McDonald's is so high in fat and calories it will eat up a big chunk of your daily food allotment if you get the meal deal.   Since I can't go to McDonald's anymore to get my food (they don't have gluten free) I decided to make my own using turkey bacon and Udi's gluten free bread.

didn't I make a pretty sandwich?

 I didn't use any extra oil in preparation of the bacon or the egg so this sandwich my calorie count is a lot less then the ready made.  Looks good too!

Jennie-O offers a gluten free product and it says so on its label.  Be careful when buying any processed meats, sausages, etc cause they have gluten hidden in them.
it is only 90 calories for 3 slices of bacon and I wove a lattice design to make it fit the bread...pinterest is my friend!
two slices of bread equal 140 calories but I think with the higher fiber you will find less counts!

I like Udi bread and sandwich rolls taste yummy but need to be toasted for best flavor.  I also find that sandwiches tend to fall apart when they aren't toasted!

I found some really interesting information regarding eggs on Wikipedia just now about storage of eggs.  DID you know that pickling boiled eggs in pickled beet juice will preserve an egg unrefrigerated for over a year?  Makes a beautiful red egg for you potato or egg salad.  Another piece of trivia was that the age of the egg and the conditions of its storage have a great influence on it's taste the chicken's diet influences it too.  If the bird is fed rapeseed or soy meal it will flavor of the eggs produced and make them taste fishy!!!  I knew I wasn't dreaming that when I complained an egg tasted fishy!  It also said you can flavor eggs by soaking them in cold tea, spices, soy sauce etc to give them flavor.

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