Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Double the costs

Just read an article on the Fibromyalgia blog that I thought I would pass along.
The article is called STUDY: Direct Medical Costs Are Double for Patients with Fibromyalgia

At first reading I thought that this seems to a waste of needed research money cause we all know that being blessed with fibro is actually a terrible curse! Every time I go to the doctor it is hundreds if not a thousand dollars in money put out on testing. I wondered what powers that be did I piss off so bad that they saddled me with CFS and Fibromyalgia! Now I am resigned to the fact that this is my life that I am saddled with and it is up to me to make of it what I can.

I know that we know the double costs and double standards for sufferers of FM and CFS and I guess with this type of research others will too! It is another blog post on how FM and CFS patients are treated with their 'fictitious' diseases because looks at us don't we look great!!


Dawn said...

I can agree with this so much. Because we are not terminal and we are not disfigured. It seems to them, at least a waist of money. And I think a lot of people, doctors included think we are putting things on or that it's all psychological.

I have been sent to a shrink (can you believe that?) Although I have had various traumas through child hood that through this illness I can no longer keep in the back ground, this doesn't mean that the traumas suffered then are why I am ill now!

My main question is why are so many suffering with this disease, what is the cause? if I knew this than I may be able to deal with it better.


okienurse said...

I am still certain that the reason I am suffering is due to some weak gene in my make up that allows my to be more sensitive to environmental hazards and toxins. Of course that is a personal opinion and not a proven fact but...

My grandmother suffered for years with aches and pains and would spend lots of time in bed. Dx with a lumbar spinal disorder that caused headaches and neck aches.
My mother suffered for years with aches and pains and had multiple xrays and was dx with an extra rib causing all the pain...even in her legs!

I don't remember either really being sick all the time and those disorders would have made them have horrible pain all the time. Needless to say didn't explain the weird pain locations.

Medicine is not a pure science and can't be reproduced exactly each time so we have to allow some variation from subject. I wish they could find out why we are so blessed though!