Thursday, June 2, 2011

XMRV not the cause of CFS now!

There has been new findings about the XMRV not being the cause of CFS as previously reported. Looks like people jumped on a wagon without thoroughly researching the data before publishing it. The CFIDS association published an article out of ScienceNow today regarding a retraction of an article I read on the CFS website few weeks ago. The article has now caused and uproar and there is a demand to retract the article due to lack of evidence. I found the original article by following the original link I put on my blog. It makes me angry that these scientist are so unscrupulous to print findings that haven't been verified or makes up data just so they can get in print. I don't think they or a loved one are blessed with the disorder or they would be working harder to make sure what the put out is verifiable before printing it.

I have been so tired and lacking stamina for so long I was hoping that the retrovirus theory was going to pan out. As the retraction article states, "CFS patients, who have no treatment for their baffling condition, have paid intense attention to the XMRV findings with some already taking antiretroviral drugs marketed to combat HIV." The cure can sometimes be worse then the disease but like them I was going to ask the doctor on the next visit if I could try an antiretroviral drug. I am willing to try just about anything to feel better again.

Hang in there! Someday someone will find out what is causing this and our world will change for the better! I hope!

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