Sunday, July 24, 2011


Talk about a piece of mail being better then a pill or shot in making me feel better! I received notification yesterday that I have been approved for SSDI and I will start receiving a monthly check starting in August. I can't tell you how happy I am at this time. I wish that I didn't have to draw SSDI and that I could still go to work every day like I used to but that is no longer possible for me and I am happy that the people at SS saw that too! I hadn't planned on retiring until I was close to 70 years old but I guess that the powers that be saw fit to have me retire a little earlier then that. I will be 59 on Monday, July 25th so it isn't all that much earlier but...

I have not been tolerating the heat very well this summer at all. I guess 100+ degree days are hard on everyone but my going in and out of air conditioned buildings and cars plays havoc on my joint and tissues. I am achy all over like I have some horrible flu and I have been stumbling around a lot more. I get so tired and fatigued that I just can't seem to get enough sleep/rest and end up going to bed earlier and getting up later each day. Damn I am so tired of all this!

Heather took me out yesterday to lunch at Two Olives in Moore, OK then we went to and Bear Makes Three a stamping store there and had a browse around. Interesting place. Can't believe I have lived 10 miles from it all these years and have never been in there! Heather then took me to Porch's School Supply in OKC and once again I didn't know anything about it. Heather bought me some new oil crayons, black gesso, and acrylic medium to use in making my art journals. After all that we went to see a movie and saw Transformers! I really liked the first Transformers movie but didn't think much of the second one and this third one is awesome. I recommend going to see it if you liked the first one. After the movie we went to Barnes and Noble had a Starbuck's Latte and shared a piece of CheeseCake Factory chocolate cheesecake before she brought me home. I have been really tired all day long due to all the activity but I had a blast. Thank you daughter for a really fun day!

So it was a really good day yesterday for me! Hope everyone else gets days like this. We all need it with all the crap we put up with having these disorders. Hang in there! I am thinking about you!

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Shoshi said...

I also find the heat difficult to tolerate, Vickie. People think it's sacrilege when I say I hate the summer! My temperature regulation is poor, and I find the heat totally saps what small amounts of energy I do have. Roll on the winter, I say, when you can snuggle up by the fire with a fleece blanket and a kitty or two on your lap!!!