Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The way it is...

It has been an interesting couple of weeks since I last posted! Haven't felt much like posting or doing anything else for that matter. SSDD...same shit different day! I am kind of down in the mouth about my life right now and probably shouldn't be blogging in this frame of mind. I went to bed about 11:30 last night and was awake at 2:30 trying to decide whether I should get up or not. I am just about ready to go back to bed and it is just about 7 am. This is my life! I wish I could work again but I get so fatigued just working around the house or going grocery shopping that it takes me 2-3 days to recover from that. I think I am bored in some ways and need to find an outlet that allows me to feel productive and useful!

Have you ever had a week where you just wish you could hit the rewind button and start it all over again? This week has been that way. I have pretty much had a headache of greater and lesser intensity all week. A Tylenol or Ibuprofen dulls it down but it still is nagging there. I am not sleeping well at all and I quit taking the Ambien after a few doses that Dr. Malik prescribed for me because it made me feel very drugged and I had a horrible time remembering what I needed to remember. Example of my forgetfulness is writing checks or pulling money out of the account and not remembering until they notify me I have overdrawn. Thats another bummer too...I am so broke and I am so tired of it.

It has been God awful hot this past 2 weeks so I am stuck in the house cause I can't deal with the outside temps. Temperatures have rocketed up to 100 degrees or better everyday making going outside a real effort for me. I am thinking that may be the cause of the headaches and increased pain problems for me this week too. My body seems super sensitive to external temperature changes here lately with my toes and fingers staying cold all the time due to the AC running full blast. I have turned it up...it is on 78 deg now and sometimes for no reason I will still be freezing. Got that covered! I just go outside till I am warm again. I have increased my intake of fluids and tried to make sure I take all my medications as I should but it has still been a crappy week.

I think that the only thing good this week has been the inspector came to look at the roof on the house and determined that the insurance is going to replace it for us. Yay! We have a lot of hail damage from that last big storm here in Norman so whilst I was griping about the hail storm I guess I should have been praising it for getting us a new roof.

I am signing off now. I am not fit company for anyone right now. I might try to go back to bed. We will see. Hope everyone has a great day.

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mckinkle said...

Oh Vickie, I really dont think the high temps are doing you any good at the moment are they. Living here in England we just cant even begin to understand what it must be like to live with and especially at night when you are trying to sleep - it must be dreadful. I think anyone in your situation would be grumping about it too so dont be too hard on yourself!

I remember being at your stage of the journey and having to cling to any one single positive thing that happened to me during a week and just hoping that there was a positive thing that happened too so Im pleased to read that you'll be getting your roof sorted. If your insurers are anything like ours over here (crap) then it may take the rest of the year for it to all happen, but lets hope it'll all be sorted asap!

I think its good that you can come online and offload, after all, if anyone doesnt have the time/inclination etc to comment then they wont and it doesnt matter as at least youve managed to get something off of your chest. So keep on doing it, its a good thing I reckon.

Right, Im off downstairs now to put the spaghetti on as from the smell (or should I say aroma??!!) wafting upstairs the bolognaise is ready - and my stomach sure is too!

Clearly the pigeon hasnt landed yet! lol!

Keryn xx