Monday, April 9, 2012

I think I might rename this blog...or should I start another...or just leave the name alone and blog what I want to blog cause most of it has to do with health issues?

Helluva a lot of title for no more then what this post is going to be! I have a lot I would like to blog but it doesn't relate to FM or CFS/ME but is health related issues or related for me. It doesn't fit on my crafting blog although Okienurse Paper and Ink Therapy is a health, and mental health, related for my well being. I don't even know if I could change the name...I will check it out and decide.

Anyway, I digress, I would like to talk about a health related issue today that I am sure some of your other folks have also...WEIGHT! I am grossly obese...not my definition but that of the medical people that are doing all the research out there. I am not silly enough to think I was skinny but darn it labeling me grossly obese hurts my feelings a little bit. Health care professionals like to have everything in little groups and they try to sterotype everything so that it is easier to help us...NOT! Being from the healthcare field I would look at someone my size and immediately could tell you that all her issues would be alleviated if she lost a few pounds or MORE! I don't have the energy to hate that person I used to be but I really don't like who I was or what I did much right now.

I joined Weight Watchers today online and will go to my first meeting of 2012 tonight. I decided to rejoin WW (oops...I have been a WW member numerous times)today because of a different mental/mind set I have now that I haven't had in past joinings! I am a compulsive gambler, 90 days with GA, and I feel I have learned so much from that program and how to live one day at a time I think that I can use what I learn there to help me with WW cause I used to be so impatient to lose weight that I would binge cause I would get frustrated. Same as my gambling issues...I would get frustrated, happy, mad, sad, WHATEVER and take off to the casino. I think that my eating is a compulsive disorder too so I am going to play with it using my 12 Steps to Recovery I consider myself a non-diest Humanist so having a GOD is not in my 12 Step Program. Here is what I believe...Addiction and the...
I don't consider myself an atheist but don't believe in a God like my Christian friends do so this works for me.

Anyway gotta get dressed and go to a meeting right now so I will let you know what I learned when I come back. More later.

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mckinkle said...

Good Luck Vickie with the WW. I can totally empathise with your weight views as Im exactly the same. I have huge issues with food and it has been my comfort since my first memories (but didnt realise it til recently) and am now struggling to know what the next step is.

Grossly obese I would swap with you as I am morbidly obese and if this is meant to shake me into thinking oh crikes I had better do something before I die - it doesnt.

Like you I dont believe in a god and I have to say I feel quite the outsider because of it but I can cope with that.

Anyway, I am tinkering with joining WW and will see how my week pans out.

Good luck with your new approach for it, Im sure the positive attitude and knowledge of the 12 step plan will make a huge difference.

Keryn x