Friday, June 23, 2017


A friend of mine recently had brain surgery.  Sharron had a smallish...boulder size tumor sitting on top of her optic nerve that she had a horrible time getting anyone to listen to her about needing help with.  After about 5 months of headaches and putting up up with the damn thing the doctors at Stephenson Cancer Center in OKC listened to her and removed the darn thing.  It was benign but still a relief when it was out!  I love it when someone tries to explain away a benign something as not being as bad as a malignant something.  Malignant means it can spread other places while benign means it usually stays in that one spot.  Her tumor kept growing and like with malignant tumors there is only enough space for the brain and not much else so she was having a horrible time.

Did you read the spoon theory post before this one?  The one on fatigue?  Well Sharron posted this article on Neurofatigue...and the invisible consequences.  It is another example of neuro fatigue and some good hints on how to combat it.  Most brain injury people have some degree of this type of fatigue and it would only stand to reason that people who have fibromyalgia or other diseases that affect the brain would too!
Don't you love this little guy and his depiction of Neurofatigue?  Do you ever have days like this?  I know I do!  Call be a bowl of melted jelly and you have the description correct!  I can't stand light, noise, heat, cold, I turn off the TV, radio, computer everything.  I am not feeling feel well at all and can't stand any outside stimuli...all I want to do is veg out in my bed!

The article talks about different things you can do to help with the fatigue and get the rest you need.  Check it out it is worth the read!

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