Saturday, May 19, 2018


This is the third time I have tried to write this post and I figured I should offer a reason if it shows up three times!  Don't know what the cause is but it just doesn't seem to be saving or publishing!
I wanted to let people know about an article I read on earlier today about fasting resetting the immune system clock.  The article called Can Fasting Renew Your Immune System is one of several I have read recently talking about how fasting causes the body to shut down some of its working sand reset.  As Dr. Rawls points out the body kills off old and damaged cells to conserve the bodies resources and when it starts getting more nutrients it begins producing new and healthier cells.

I would like to try a form of fasting but my body wouldn't go along with it.  In 1992 I was fasting along with several coworkers on a new fasting diet and it was discovered that I have an insulin producing tumor called an insulinoma that only gives me grief when I try to diet.   An insulinoma is a relatively small tumor, about 1", and can be benign or malignant...only 10% are, and usually occur in the GI tract...most on the pancreas.   Mine has never been found on CT or MRI and Doc told me if I was lucky it would never grow big enough to be found...people die with the tumor not from the tumor.

Anyway back to the fasting...I am going to try the Time-Restricted Feeding form of fasting for as long as I can tolerate it or until I notice a change in my immune system.  I am so tired of being tired!  It won't be a big deal for me because I don't normally eat until later in the day so restricting myself to food only between say 2pm and 10pm daily might show a difference.  I plan on eating a lot more healthier foods and staying away from wasted calories...hmmm...maybe I will limit it to 1000 cals per day.

I will report back and tell you what I find out as I go along.

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