Monday, January 31, 2011

Okienurse's Fibromyalgia Blog: January 31, 2011: My day

I went to bed at 2:30am this morning after having a fairly good day yesterday. Today I was up and about by 11:30. I can remember tossing and turning and waking my self up a couple times but this morning when I got up I felt rested.

I finished a load of laundry, made the bed, loaded the dishwasher and sat down to read emails about 15 minutes into sitting there I began to hurt between my shoulders and from my neck. I got up and started moving around but it is so cold outside today for me to go out my arthritis would kick in to play with the FM and it isn't worth it. I took my Savella and the Requip a little late this morning so that maybe part of the reason.

Today was a pretty good day so I think I am going to rate it a 2/100%. I know people...a two is nothing but you know one thing I am learning is that the pain even when it is only a 2 is still enough to alter my life! It was a good day!

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nnalorac said...

Hi Vickie
Just been reading your posts. There is people out there who understsand what you are going through. Usually these folks have an illness too, healthy people just can't understand this crap illness!! Me for one! Have M.E. and Fibro. Just under eight years ago I was floored with M. E. Fighting all the way, not easy tho sometimes but crafting is my therapy! Take care. Carolxx