Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I applied for Social Security Disability about several months ago because Dr. Merrill thought that it would be a good idea because he didn't foresee any great change in my condition. I thought that it would be a quick fix but 5 months later I am telling you there is nothing quick about the Social Security Administration.
I am scheduled to see a psychologist on Tuesday week after next week for evaluation of my psyche! Then the next day my doctor is sending me to a neurologist in Oklahoma City to see if he figure out what is going on with my balance etc. Dr. Merrill's words were that he doesn't know what to do and he thinks this neurologist MIGHT be able to figure it out. Now it doesn't stop there. The next week the SSDI people have set up an appointment with a Dr. Burke, an osteopathic doctor, for me to evaluate my condition.
I guess I could stay up all night and be in a good condition for him to evaluate me huh!! That's when I have the most problems when I am tired and stressed.

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