Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today's Status report

I have not felt good for about 4 days and today I really feel like warmed over dog poo! I have had that flu that has been going around for about 10 days and truthfully if it wasn't for the cough and fever the muscle aches and pains wouldn't seem much different the the ones I put up with on a daily basis.

This afternoon I woke up around 4pm-ish and almost fell getting out of bed. I had slept fitfully off and on almost 12 hours today. I hurt all over more than anywhere else and my legs felt like they were freezing and tingly but when I rubbed them they felt warm. I had cramps all over in my lower extremities, my back from cervical to lumbar had spots that hurt like hell and I wanted to detach my left hip so I didn't have to feel it anymore. My right should and arm hurt like I had carpel tunnel or something and then to top it all off my brain has been so foggy even after 3 cups of coffee I still feel drugged or drunk!

I know all of the above is symptoms of the fibromyalgia but this day it seems worse than ever before. I am really tired of feeling bad and hurting all the time. I have taken on some positive lifestyle changes ie diet and exercise but really can't notice a change. I bought the book T'ai Chi for Dummies, Gentle Yoga the 15 minute workout, and have watched a couple videos on Netflix that I am hoping will help. I am afraid to leave home and go for a walk cause what if I have one of those episodes and I can't make it home? I would have my phone and be able to call for help but...

I had this brain storm a couple months ago that maybe my medications might be contributing to the problems with my health. I ran out of synthyroid, found some in the cabinet and weaned myself off of what I had left, I weaned my self off of omperozole and estrogen so now all I take is the Savella, Requip, Ibuprofen, and the occasional Lortab and Tums antacid. Dr. Merrill was surprised I had done this but like I told him I had been on the synthyroid for 48 years and I didn't know whether I even needed it cause there were no tests 48 years ago to say I needed it just some old doctors guess and by golly. I had lab this past month and the thyroid levels were no different then when I had the last test while on it. I guess I will go a few months and have it tested again. I went to Walgreen's to pick up my Lortab and Tramadol (new pain Rx) last night and the pharmacist refused to give it to me saying that the tramadol would cause problems with Serotonin levels and interact with the Savella so that wasn't a good idea. One more thing.

I go to see the psychologist Fuchs, for the social security disability people, on the 16 March. I already know what he is going to say. I am depressed. I told them that! Why wouldn't I be depressed? I am not a going to take a gun to my brain and end it all type of depressed I am just down because of all this crap that is going on. I think that anyone suffering with chronic pain or any other chronic ailment would be depressed and if they weren't I would seriously look into what was wrong with them!!

Enough whining. I will persevere! I am made of strong stock and will keep on keeping on. My grandmother used to say God didn't give you more than you can handle...I don't know about that! I don't believe in it!

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