Thursday, March 10, 2011

Medication interaction

In an earlier blog post I reported about going to Walgreen's to pick up my new pain medication and the pharmacist refusing to fill it for me due to a "possible" drug interaction between the drug Savella and the new drug Tramadol/Ultram! The pharmacist said they would call Dr. Merrill and alert him to the fact and ask him what he would like to RX instead of the Tramadol/Ultram. Well folks that was on Friday night and today they called and told me that my prescription was ready to be picked up (Glad I still had some pills here or I would have been in a world of hurt literally!) I went over to get it and stood in line for just about 45 minutes and found out that they had recommended that he increase the Lortab dosage to control my pain! Lortab helps some but doesn't do a whole lot for the neural pain. It helps the arthritic and the headaches but not the achey all over pain I have most days. It is a Schedule 2 narcotic that is highly sought after by drug addicts and and it very addictive. Being a nurse I am concerned with the possibility of becoming tolerant to the medication and having to increase the dosage and then becoming addicted. That's why after reading online about the Tramadol/Ultram being used more and more for neural pain effectively I wanted to try it. Oh well, I don't want to get off the Savella cause it seems to be doing me more good then the Lyrica and Nortrylline did.

Here is a link to an article about serotonin syndrome on Wikipedia that I found interesting.
I am glad that the pharmacist caught this. I sure didn't want it.


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