Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My last doctor's visit

I went to visit the disability doctor in Oklahoma City last Thursday. I don't know whether to be glad that part is over or wish I could do it all again. I wasn't having a very good day and even though I thought I had gotten enough sleep etc. I woke up hurting all over my body and had a headache from hell. Worse part of all was that the headache was giving me grief and my memory was horrible. Heather accompanied me to the visit and I had to get her to help me remember surgery dates etc. I guess I need to start writing them down for the days she won't be with me. I asked if she could come back in the exam room with me but he preferred to try and do the visit with just the two of us and I was oh so fearful...without cause it turns out.

I had a visit with Dr. J Burke a Social Security Disability investigator. Dr. Burke was the very epitome of patience with me and if he had a private practice I might even think about going to him as a patient! When I had difficulty with a question he would approach it from a different direction and the answers would come. I failed the physical part of the test cause with the pain and stiff muscles I could barely stand on two feet much less one and forget hopping. I left with some interesting information too cause during the course of the exam he told me he thought that I might even be early stages of Parkinson's Disease. Since my father died of PD in 1989 it is possible I inherited the disorder from him. I you read the signs and symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and those of fibromyalgia/CFS they are so much alike it looks like I have a waiting game to play now to see what develops.

I don't want any of the disorders but if it came to it I think I would prefer the FB/CFS over the PD! Keep checking back. It may be years but I will eventually find out what is wrong with me!

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