Monday, April 4, 2011

It has been an interesting week for me. The beginning of the week I was in bed most of Monday, all of Tuesday, and most of Wednesday. Couldn't hardly move and get around. I went to the grocery on Wednesday then came home and didn't go out again until late Friday to get my hair cut and go to a scrapbooking crop at my friends store.

The crop was to run from 10am till 2am on Friday and Saturday then from 10am till 4pm on Sunday. Needless to say I didn't attend the whole party! I got there about 6 pm on Friday and made it till 2am then went home to bed and slept till 2pm on Saturday after noon. I was at the store by 4pm and stayed until 2am again. Sunday I went and picked up my stuff. I couldn't get out of bed until way late. I used to be able to go all day long each day but not anymore!
When I left there I was so tired I could hardly move. I am the one on the left...don't I look fried? No drugs so that was all natural gorked outness!

Compare that picture with this one taken on Saturday March 26th with the kids class! It was about 1:30pm and I was feeling good. Didn't feel a need for a nap or anything.
I think I get to feeling good(and Saturday and Sunday I felt good) so I do a lot of stuff (probably over did things) and ended up paying for it in down days.

I am a slow learner and have done this a number of times. I need to learn to pace myself a little better and not think like I am super woman on the up days!

Hope you have a good week!


Heather said...

... and even on the days when you LOOK like you feel fine, if anybody pays attention it's easy to tell when you're not feeling well. It's in the careful way you move, the tentative steps, the slower than normal reactions. :(

I really hope you can get a better handle on not over doing it on the days you feel well. You will probably never be able to do everything you did before - no matter what meds they give you. There is no shame in asking for help. I love you, Momma.

okienurse said...

I love you too Heather. It is just hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I am learning though slowly but surely.

Linda w said...

Pacing is very difficult to do. It's so hard not to think that little energy we have won't last for ever. Keeping a pacing sheet is good (if you have the energy and brain power available lol) or simply try do a bit, rest a bit. Don't feel defeated when you don't pace...we all have times when we do too much. Take care. Hugs Lin