Friday, April 22, 2011

Denied Disability 04/21/2011

Well I am not very happy tonight for many reasons not the least of which I received notification from Social Security that I didn't meet their criteria for disability. They said and I quote, "Although you are experiencing pain in your back, you are able to sit, stand, bend, and walk well enough to do some type of work. Your arthritis causes you some pain and discomfort; however you can still move well enough to so some types of work. Although you have pain and discomfort in your joints you can move them well enought to do some kinds of work. Although you sometimes experience depression, there are no signs of a severe mental illness that keeps you from working. Most of the time you can think clearly and carry out normal activities. Although you sometimes experience memory problems, most of the time you can think clearly and carry out normal activities. While we find that the pain of your condition does further limit you to some extent, you can still do some types of work. Medical evidence does not show any other impairments which keep you from working."

I don't know how they can decide the way they do. I was told that they never give out disability unless it is a life threatening issue on the first go around and that you have to appeal or hire a lawyer to get the disability started for you. It just doesn't seem fair to cause all the physical and mental anguish this brings about to the person and their families. I haven't worked in almost 7 months now and before that I had not worked full time for 2 months because of physical issues. Our lifestyle has changed drastically over that time. Things I used to take for granted are now a luxury. I can't even afford the freaking medications that keep me halfway feeling 'normal'. I have become so accustomed to being in pain and hurting I don't know that I would know what it was like not to hurt. There are days I am in bed more than out because of the pain or fatigue. I just wonder if they even think about that before they deny people? They say I can do some work...where will I find a job that pays $35/hr plus differentials? They even said in the denial letter that based on information about what an RN does I am capable of doing this type of work. I wake up every morning and it takes 2-3 hours to get rid of the brain fog I have. I am fine for the next 2-3 hours but then I start getting tired again and the truth is I don't have all the mental issues until I get tired. Do you want me taking care of your loved one when I can't remember what I am suppose to be doing? Most hospitals only hire on a 12 hour shift now days. I can't make it 3-4 hours now. I was on my feet at least 8 hours of that time and I can't do that now.
I don't know what to do. I almost feel too tired to do much of anything tonight so I will wait till morning to make a decision. I do know that I will appeal the finding, get my doctor to say he doesn't think I can do it and see what happens from there.


Linda w said...

I'm so sorry you have been denied this benefit, it's also hard to get benefits in this country with what is classed as 'hidden' illness's...but not quite as hard as you are having. I really feel for. Over here we can get letters from our dr and religious heads to back up our claims...that sort of thing you know. Will keep you in my thoughts. Hugs lin

Erminia Cavins said...

What the SSA needs to understand is that just because you can't see fibro, CFS or other similar disabilities on scans, it doesn't mean it's not there. My sister actually received a letter about her disability claim being evaluated because they think her fibro has been cured. She managed to get in touch with a lawyer who got her connected to a specialist to explain fibro in detail. It was a hard process, but having them fight alongside her made it easier.