Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't believe everything you hear!! I am not dead!


I just haven't blogged in a long time because:
1. I took a couple of trips
1. to see my new granddaughter when she was born and 2. to Spain to sit in the sun and relax and chill out. With the onset of this cold weather I am wishing I was back in Spain in a major way!

I think I just got out of the habit of blogging!

Let me tell you about my travels with the Fibromyalgia and the ME/CFS. It wasn't bad!!
I was really anxious about both trips. The trip to Virginia Beach, Virginia is a 1400 mile, two day trip that frightened me more then the 12 hour flight to Spain. It wasn't bad because I really prepared myself both mentally and physically for the trips.
I made sure I got up and moved around and if the sitting was an issue I stopped and got out of the car and walked around or on the plane made a circuit of the seats. I drank a lot of water and kept hydrated. When I was tired I just stopped and slept. In the car, on the plane, in the hotels etc. I don't like pain pills cause I already have fibrofog and they just exacerbate the issue but these trips I made sure I took them at least every 6 hours when needed them for the arthritic and other pains. They don't really work well with the FM or ME/CFS pain but the Savella is contraindicated with a lot of non-narcotic pain meds because of increasing serotonin levels. Not a fun thing to do from what I have read. Another thing I did was take sleeping pills with me! Not a thing that I am happy with but everyone knows that sleep deprivation only exacerbates the disorders so I went prepared. A Spain I found a 4 ounce glass of red wine helped me sleep better then a sleeping pill. I also pushed myself and did a little more walking. I still had problems with the numbness in my toes and cold tingles in my legs but I did fine.

I guess what I am saying I didn't push myself too hard and I embraced the fact that I can't do things like I used to and did what I could. Everyone we were visiting knows I have the disorders and respects the fact that I can't do as I once did and didn't try to push the issue.

Don't give up on things you love to do, and I love to travel, just modify how you do them. There is no way I would take off on my own like I used to do because of the stress I get and the fear of getting lost because of the fibrofog but I can still go and do. Give it a try. I had a blast!

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