Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Interesting read!

I received an email today from Blain Skrainka at Everyday Health asking me to share this link. I read the article and was surprised to read that these are strange and unusual symptoms of FM. I have them all. How about you are you blessed with these symptoms?

1. sensitivity to touch-there are days I can't stand anyone/thing to touch me and I constantly fight tight clothes, underwear, and shoes now days.
2. stimulation overload to smells, light, noise-one of the best things the doctor did was to start me on Requip of my leg spasms cause it also helped tone down my reaction to perfumes and light sensitivity.
3. fibrofog
4. tingling or numbness-legs, hands, feet, arms, random spots on my body!!
5. lipomas-got a big one on my r arm and another on my abdomen...
6. sweating-doctor started me back on estrogen cause we thought it was due to hormones but at 60 I don't really think so especially since it didn't stop the night sweats! Sometimes I flush for no reason too and I think that is caused by the same issue.

Click the link and read the article. Interesting read!!


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6 Strange Signs of Fibromyalgia

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